Buongiòrno Italia. Part 1 – Verona

Annie loves Italy and so we decided on a bit of a road trip for our annual Summer holiday. Cheap flights with Easyjet took us from Edinburgh to Milan. Our schedule was :

We used trains between the airport and Vernoa : The Malpensa Express (€10/person/each way) between the airport  and Milano Centrale and the ‘FrecciaBianca’ (€19/person/each way) between Milano Centrale  and Verona Porta Nuova.  A taxi between the railway station and our accommodation in Verona was approx €25.  We hired a car from Hertz in Verona airport for our week on the Dolomites.

Verona – Dolomites – Milan .  A mix of culture, adventure and chic metropolis.

We both needed time to chill and relax and I really recommend this trip to anyone in need of a get-away.  Verona is just an amazing city, full of history that continues when you turn off the main thorough fare and wander the backstreets.  I shot 880 photos over 12 days, and not many were bad.  Here are the highlights from the first 2 days in of our holiday….

01-DSC_6511    02-DSC_6519


Milano Centrale and the ‘FrecciaBianca’


Ponte Scaligero bridge, Verona.

05-DSC_6532    06-DSC_6559


Verona Arena.

08-DSC_6558    09-DSC_6571

10-DSC_6574    11-DSC_6632




14-DSC_6676    16-DSC_6711



19-DSC_6588    20-DSC_6719

Bill Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet’s Balcony

21-DSC_6578    22-DSC_6577

Ponte Pietra (originally built in 100BC !!)  and Castel San Pietro


Basilica di San Zeno. Tradition states that its crypt was the place of the marriage of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


Ponte Scaligero bridge at night.


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One Response to Buongiòrno Italia. Part 1 – Verona

  1. I used to live in Torino so Northern Italy has a special sport in my heart! Great photos!

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