A friends journey.

All great adventures start with a single footstep.

I’ve received news this evening that my good friend, Paul Briscoe , is ready to start the final phase of his mammoth project; to walk totally unsupported from coast to coast (C2C), his final leg of each of the British Isles nations.


Paul and I at 3500 in the Alps together.

Unsupported means that he starts the walk carrying all his food and supplies for the journey with no resupply or help along the way. He sources all his water naturally en route – It’s both a mental and physical journey into extreme backpacking.

He’s previously completed 3 nations…

2009 – English C2C – 190 miles – Robin Hood’s Bay (East) to St Bees (West) – 12 days
2010 – Welsh C2C – 275 miles – Cardiff (South) to Conwy (North). – 20 Days
2012 – Irish C2C – 387 miles – Dublin (East) to Bray Head (South West) – 25 Days

Tomorrow, Monday 20th May at 1pm, Paul will start walking from Scotland’s most Easterly point at Peterhead. Carrying >30Kg he initially heads South towards Aberdeen and will then turn West towards the Cairngorms. Taking in the high points along the way, he doubles back on his self and heads South towards Ben Lawers (an additional 90 Km detour to bag Scotland’s 10th highest summit). Now heading North and connecting with the West Highland way, he eventually bags Ben Nevis and it’s satellite peaks before heading towards Knoydart.  The final leg of his journey ends at Ardnamurchan in the West.


A months supply of vacuum packed dried food.

His final route across Scotland is in the region of 500Km, taking in the extreme East and West points and the country’s 10 highest mountains – all unsupported.  He envisages to be ‘out’ for a month.

Paul-Scot-Start    Paul-Back-Pack

Although it’s his own personal challenge (and there’s sure to be the making of a future book), he is also raising funds for Water Aid.

You can follow Paul on his expedition dashboard, and via the links below. He’ll blog en route when possible and there will also be a track from his ‘spot’ tracker.


All the best and good luck Paul,  stay safe mate…


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