Undisclosed location…

While out paddling with a group on Monday…


I was very fortunate to see an Osprey…


These birds migrate to Africa every Winter and return to the UK in March/April.  John Wright is passionate about them and blogs regularly about both his sightings on Rutland Water and his travels following their migration. His photos and sketches are simply stunning. The RSPB lists 250-300 breeding pairs of Ospreys across the UK.  My photo; hopefully not too bad taken from approx. 200m with a pocket sized Olympus μ Tough 8010 on full zoom.


About Andy Harpur

Interests : The Scottish Highlands, The Pennine Alps, The Milky Way, Abbot Ale, Mountaineering, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Sea Kayaking, Astronomy, Guitar, Penny Whistle. I live and breath for the outdoor lifestyle. New places, new faces, new adventures....
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2 Responses to Undisclosed location…

  1. robert says:

    Where about’s are you paddling. I know you mention it’s an undisclosed location. Just curious to know where you located those birds.

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