Heading South (again)

Just sitting in Starbuck’s in Glasgow airport waiting for my flight South, and as usual counting down the hours to getting back home. Despite the optimism of my previous post, Winter holds it’s grip on the glen.

The current thaw will stabilise the snowpack and if it doesn’t all get stripped I’ll hold onto the dream of having a winter wander when I get back next weekend.

As I’m posting this from my blackberry I’m *really* hoping the photo posts too…


About Andy Harpur

Interests : The Scottish Highlands, The Pennine Alps, The Milky Way, Abbot Ale, Mountaineering, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Sea Kayaking, Astronomy, Guitar, Penny Whistle. I live and breath for the outdoor lifestyle. New places, new faces, new adventures....
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5 Responses to Heading South (again)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks to be solid rock. What part of Scotland was this taken?

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