The Hag….

“To the North of Islay and Jura is the worlds second largest whirlpool, the famous Corryvreckan. Our Celtic ancestors knew it as the “Mother Goddess” or “womb of all creation”. Today the thunderous, seething cauldron is named after the Viking Prince Breacan, who perished there proving his devotion to the daughter of the Lord of the Isles.”


Last Autumn Annie and I stood on the coast near Craignish Point looking across to Jura and Scarba. Between them, over 4 miles away, we could hear the rage of the Corryvreckan in full flow.  To my knowledge this is the only whirlpool depicted on a British OS map…


I guess you can say this place has a reputation. For it’s most part the gulf is greater than 100 meters deep. The whirlpool (The Hag) is formed by a single pinnacle of rock rising to within 30m of the surface. This generates the 8.5 knot currents that well up from and drop down to the bottom : where there be sea monsters…


Rowland had asked for volunteers to help is friend Bonnie Perry, on holiday from Chicago, gain further leading experience en route to gaining her BCU 5*.  I was the sole guinea pig for the day.

We set out from Ellenabeich on Seil and with the ebbing tide and were soon passing Fladda and heading for the “Grey Dogs”.

01-P8040406    02-P8040413

03-P8040420    04-P8040416

After 2 hours on the water and 16Km travelled the Corryvreckan came into sight and we pulled into a beach for second breakfast / first lunch while waiting for slack water to arrive, due at 12:25.

05-P8040425    06-P8040431

07-P8040436    08-P8040441

Precision timing : the gulf was flat, the hag a sleeping giant….


11-P8040454   12-P8040456

Safely through the Corryvreckan we stopped off for second lunch…

13-P8040459   14-P8040464

We headed North on the flooding tide, the Garvellachs and Mull out on our port side. East of Lunga, near An Tudan, we came across a solitary basking shark.

15-P8040468    16-P8040471

Photographing “blind” with the camera plunged into the water this was the best shot that I got….


We continued North with “interesting” 7 knot tidal streams around Fladda and Belnahua, heading back towards Ellenabeich.

18-P8040487    19-P8040494

Rowland rescued a new laundry basket en route which had probably fallen off a local fishing boat…

20-P8040496    21-P8040500

Safely back at Ellenabeich, a Corryvreckan of a different kind ; a wee dram to celebrate…

22-P8040502    23-P8040503

I forgot to switch on my GPS at the start of this trip, and then had to change batteries when I eventually did. Following data is approx…
Trip Odom : 39.5Km
Moving Time : 5h 40min
Moving Average 6.7Km/h
Max Speed : 19.4Km/h (near the Grey Dogs)
Oban High Water (BST) : 0755 / 2014 – Spring Tide
Corryvreckan flood tide runs Westwards, beginning +0430 Springs (+0515 Neaps)
Slack Water : 1225


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