Pune (Punyanagari), Maharashtra.

Went on a real bender last night with my colleague Jason together with Veneet and Pulak who are directors of operations out here. Had a fabulous meal, eating outside, a long supply of tasters ; different curried chicken kebabs of many different flavours. Then choose the best one for a main course. There were so many I couldn’t remember them all and was already full when the main came – but it was really great.  Saw a big rat creep across the outside resteraunt later in the evening. I think that’s just par for the course here and part of the places charm… lol !
Hecktic day today. My hosts are keen to look after me and show the sights.  Some work in the office, but also went to see the new build office block for my support desk to move to in December. Interesting health and safety issues in the construction industry here !
Afterwards we drove to see the new technology park. Some amazing buildings and far from what I expected to see here in India. There is so much investment going on and construction is everywhere. Every road is being widened to accomodate a truely massive influx of workers. There are signs everywhere for new appartment complexes and the western rat race life style already has a firm grip here. The "space craft" building complex will house 10,000 dedicated programming staff. Currently there are 2000 new vehicles (mostly motor bikes) appearing on punes roads everyday.  It sounds horrendous, but it really is brilliant to see and I’m enjoying every minute.
Tomorrow we take a break. Sanjay has hired a car and together with Niren we drive to the Mahabaleshwar district around 120km South of here to take in some stunning countryside and one of India’s best hill stations  ….and I’m just sooooo looking forward to it.

About Andy Harpur

Interests : The Scottish Highlands, The Pennine Alps, The Milky Way, Abbot Ale, Mountaineering, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Sea Kayaking, Astronomy, Guitar, Penny Whistle. I live and breath for the outdoor lifestyle. New places, new faces, new adventures....
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